Martin Luther High School

Greetings Community Members!

Great things are happening at Martin Luther High School! We’ve moved into our new facility, which is located at 2001 E. Grand River, Lansing MI 48912. Situated on five beautiful acres, the building is 36,000 square feet and houses numerous large instructional spaces, which will include the following:

…. and more!  Take a look at the photographs below.

Please contact our office for more information regarding our innovative program.  My staff and I look forward to talking with you about how Martin Luther High School can partner with you to meet your student’s educational needs!

-Traci Backus, Superintendent

MLHS competed in their first FRC competition during the 2019/2020 season!





With 2019/2020 being our rookie year, we found you cannot do everything on your own.  Our first lesson is you need cooperation from your teammates to come up with ideas and share in the responsibilities.  When one person needs to take a break another one is ready to fill his or her shoes.  Second lesson is listen to advice whether it is good or bad.  You do not need expensive equipment.  Cutting metal and wood can be done with portable electric tools versus large laser cutters.  Lesson three is don’t reinvent the wheel.  You can start working on a robot from “Robot in 3 days” to either get ideas for a robot or use the designs that some teams offer for all teams.  We were able to get one event in before Covid-19 hit and it was a great experience for myself and all of my students.  See you next year!  Mr. Smith