by Zaria Shufford, 11th grade

Teachers care about us students at Martin Luther High School and I know that for a fact. It’s not only their actions but their words and how they plan to better us.

Selfishness is one thing I've never seen in any of my teachers. In fact, I’ve actually experienced the opposite--selflessness, determination and lastly love. This is how I know my teachers care.

Many may wonder how I’ve noticed and experienced these things within only one year, and a simple explanation would be ”actions speak louder than words.”  The teachers are individually different and each have characteristics that students need.

Teachers Care With Their Actions

The actions they take aren’t  just about them.  They are done to better us students academically. We learn differently, because they teach differently. We know differently because they show differently. 

Caring Teachers Make MLHS Great

If I could choose some of the greatest aspects of Martin Luther High School, I would chose our PBL learning foundation, our teachers, and our students. We all make Martin Luther High School whole. We don’t just differ from other schools physically in size but we differ in our standards.  Our Teachers show that they care by: 

  • Being available for us when we need extra help or a listening ear
  • Connecting with us and our interests
  • Seeing our potential and helping us meet it

The Teachers Care AWARD

If it was up to me my teachers would get the greatest of all time award. They step outside the box and make sure we are great as students. I wish all students had a support system like ours and teachers that care like ours. But Martin Luther High School staff makes us who we are. Without them students like me couldn’t succeed like I’m succeeding now.

Come to Martin Luther High School! 

You’ll get the support system here of teachers who care about how you learn and how you succeed.