by Yeno Simon

Studying is important to succeed, but we don’t always do it. We don’t always take the time for it.  When we do, it’s not enough to pass the test we have. Great Teachers will help you stay accountable.

For example, lets say you have a math test tomorrow, and  have to cram studying into one night. I know I’m not the only one who studies last minute. We take in as much information we can the night before or even five minutes before the test.

That’s better than not studying at all, right?  Well, let’s just say you fail the test any way. Ugh, what a disappointment! But you saw it coming because you didn't study.

We have Great Teachers at our School

At some schools you would have to just deal with the grade you got on the test. Sometimes teachers don’t care whether you passed or failed.  Sometimes they may not have time to help you get caught up.

Not at Martin Luther High School.

Our Teachers Want You to SUCCEED!

The teachers here want you to pass your tests with the highest grade you can possibly get. This is one advantage of going to a small Christian school. Teachers don’t allow you to fail. It is the best having teachers that want you to succeed. They give you options, ways that you can get your grade up after bombing a test.  Sometimes that means staying after to receive help ordoing corrections.  Other times it might mean doing a modified test, or other work for extra credit. 

Failure is NOT an Option with Great Teachers

Failure is not an option with Great Teachers. When I'm not feeling confident on a test or other work, I talk to my teachers right away.  I know from personal experiences the feeling of giving up, and that is not an option for me any more. In order to succeed, get the extra help you need and keep moving toward your success.