“If you think about it, you realize that the only thing that hasn’t changed in the United States over the last century is how we do school.”

If ever there was a mic drop moment in my classroom THIS was it.


I mean, I wanted to burst from my seat and applaud, shout congratulations, grab the class by its collective shoulders and say



I have never heard a student acknowledge this fact so openly.

Traditional education in the United States is based on an industrial model, an outgrowth of the factory systems that dominated the economy during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This model’s primary focus is on the teacher, with students being on the receiving end of information.

So what makes Martin Luther High School different?

It is anything but traditional.  

Our program is built upon the solid foundation of Christ, knowing that by grace we have been saved through faith.

Our Project Based and Inquiry Based learning styles connect academic coursework to deeper learning competencies such as mastering academic core content, developing critical thinking, collaboration with others, seeking creativity, and communication in a variety of methods.

Our dynamic STEAM program is built on a blending of deeper learning competencies and project based learning structures that allow students to connect their core academic content to real work problem solving skills through Science, Technology, Engineering, fine Arts, and Mathematics.   

Our dedicated faculty, staff, and administration seek to guide students, incorporating a wide variety of instructional methods, nurturing them in faith, and mentoring them as they become successful and responsible global citizens and lifelong learners.

#THIS is what Martin Luther High School is all about!