Let’s face it: technology has changed the way we live.  It impacts virtually every facet of our lives.  Nowhere is this impact more visible to me than in my work as an educator.  Where once information was only available in paper/textbook format, it can now be found in a dizzying array of platforms.

This has had a profound impact on student learning and on education in general.  No longer do kids carry textbooks around in cumbersome, over-packed book bags, nor do they hover about card catalogs in libraries.  Now they can access their assignments, homework, and virtually every aspect of their lives via their smartphones! There is no denying the fact that the digital age has brought transformative technologies … and it has transformed all of us. 

So what are we doing about these changes?  How are we meeting the challenges we encounter and how are we creating authentic learning opportunities? 

The Martin Luther High School faculty is leading the charge as academic Mavericks.  Rather than conforming to what-we’ve-always-done-because-its-what-we’ve-always-done, they are stepping boldly into the currents of education in the 21st century.  They are harnessing new technologies even as they are utilizing the very best methodologies, past and present, to give our students what they need to succeed: an authentic and effective education.

Martin Luther High School is the embodiment of those very changes.  The Martin Luther High School faculty continues to break new ground daily, within its project-based and inquiry-based STEAM program. It is a place where students

·        Connect Scriptural teaching to faith and the greater community in the 21st century setting

·        Explore challenging problems or real-world situations through content-instruction

·        Seek essential knowledge through sustained inquiry and practice in both core classes and extra-curricular work

·        Focus on and hone the intellectual discipline each student needs to work to his or her highest potential

·        Develop their own interests and abilities even as they seek ways to serve others

This is not an easy process, and it has not been without mistakes. The challenges are worth the effort, though.  Our students are worth the effort! 

Friends, the truth is that there is no room for stagnation or excuses in education.  At Martin Luther High School, we strive to give our students our best every day, providing them with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century world.