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School Hours

Class Begins

Monday-Friday: 7:50AM - 3:30PM


Students Arrive no earlier than 7:35 AM, idealy arriving at 7:40AM


Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:30AM-4:00PM



2001 E. Grand River Avenue 

Lansing, MI 48912

Ph. 517-525-0116



We are a school that is dedicated to serving others and serving God. This is the core of our vision and our mission.

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Office Email:  office@martinlutherhighschool.org 


"Welcome to Martin Luther High School! Our Project Based Learning program is built upon the solid foundation of Christ, knowing that by grace we have been saved through faith. We have a dynamic STEAM program built on a blending of deeper learning competencies and project based learning structures.  Our dedicated faculty, staff, and administration seek to develop students into successful and responsible global citizens and life-long learners. Schedule your visit to our new campus and see for yourself the Martin Luther High School difference ... where education and innovation meet!"

Traci Backus


21st Century Education 


Critical Thinking 

MLHS students seek to solve real-world problems as learn content by analyzing and assessing information in order to scaffold their learning to new heights.  Part of critical thinking is being self-directed and self-disciplined, seeking connections within academic fields and between ourselves and others.  



MLHS seeks to develop creativity in students by allowing them the chance to solve real-world problems with innovative effort.  Once we understand our audience and the real world problem we want to solve, our students are encouraged to try ... and if their ideas don't work the first time, we analyze to find our mistakes, then try again!  We dream big, take risks, and think outside the box! 



MLHS students seek to work together in order to accomplish tasks, learn new skills, reach out to the community, and live their faith in Christ.  They are learning to be responsible individuals and respectful group members.  By helping the team succeed, each student has the chance to experience cooperation on many levels. 



MLHS students are encouraged to work with each other in a wide variety of activities.  By learning to converse with other students, faculty members, and a variety of community members, we teach our students to reach beyond themselves and into the community.  Our goal is to teach our students to advocate for themselves and for others, giving voice to their generation as a part of the 21st century world. 


1 to 1 Music 

MLHS offers a 1 to 1 music program, providing every student the opportunity to learn guitar, percussion, or keyboard.  Each student has an acoustic guitar available to learn with, and students are encouraged to perform solo or ensemble pieces that they are interested in learning.  We also provide a variety percussion instruments as well as electronic keyboards and pianos. 


1 to 1 Tech 

MLHS offers a 1 to 1 technology program.  Equipping each student with a device is just the first step, however.  We also provide for shared documents and storage within our protected network, as well as the opportunity to work within a variety of different media … all the while ensuring the net-safety of the students, staff, and infrastructure.


The MLHS MakerSpace allows the students to explore, create, and design items based on their interests and on research questions given by the MakerSpace Coordinator.  Students can be innovators in MakerSpace, taking initiative and collaborating with others as they seek to design, invent, build ... and MAKE their ideas into reality.  There are all kinds of materials on hand to use, including 3D printers, carpentry or "shop" tools, electronics, and more. 


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